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Advantages and disadvantages of concrete tile

Advantages and disadvantages of concrete tile

For paving sidewalk paths, driving up to a house or laying out a patio, concrete tile is the best building material. Such material is produced using modern technologies and natural ingredients, therefore it combines environmental friendliness, reliability and safety.

Remember that even the most beautiful and high-quality tiles need professional installation. Perfect Pavers will not only lay the concrete tiles properly, but also take into account all your wishes regarding the laying design. Thus, even a simple entrance to the house can become a real work of art!

Benefits of concrete tiles

Concrete tiles are a really good alternative to natural stone. In addition to its low cost, it has the following number of advantages:

  • concrete tiles ㅡ environmentally friendly material;
  • it has high strength and reliability;
  • concrete tiles are resistant to abrasion and have a fairly low coefficient of friction;
  • such a tile can be used all year round, so it is suitable for use at low and high temperatures;
  • as a product, concrete tiles have a wide range of textures, colors and patterns;
  • such material will serve for many years.

In addition, the path paved with concrete tiles is easy to maintain, since no additional maintenance is required, except for the timely removal of street debris. Compared to other types of tiles, installation of such a coating will take less than a week. It should be borne in mind that the time spent on installation also depends on the choice of the pattern by the client.

Since concrete slabs are very durable, they can easily withstand excessive loads in the form of trucks. It should be noted that it is concrete tiles that are one of the most convenient coatings for movement. It will be comfortable to move along the concrete path on a bicycle, rollerblades, a wheelchair and women in heels.

Disadvantages of concrete tiles

Since the material is strong and tough, this is its advantage and main disadvantage. Due to its increased rigidity, concrete slabs are not suitable for laying in many places, in particular in places where children are. If you fall on such material, it is easy to get injured or bruised, therefore, in places with children, rubber crumb tiles will be the best option.

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