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Bohemian crystal: the national treasure of the Czech Republic


Bohemian crystal has the highest quality. It has high transparency. In this regard, it stands out in comparison with others. Working with glass in the Czech Republic has never stopped. And thanks to this, it became possible to take its place in the art of glass processing around the world. This procedure takes place with the help of diamond tools, a kind of game appears thanks to additives such as copper, manganese and others. And you can decorate Czech glass with precious stones, gold or silver.

Chandeliers for kings were made of Bohemian crystal. Since in 1724 it was quite expensive and not everyone could afford such decoration. Today, everything has changed and everyone can buy such a product. A chandelier made of Bohemian crystal will always attract attention and surprise everyone around. Because when the light turns on, it begins to shimmer, sparkle and create a luxurious shine. But it’s worth knowing that the inimitable game will depend on the amount of lead oxide in the crystal.

Let’s also look at what are the secrets of the authenticity of Bohemian crystal:

● Chandeliers made of such material are always transparent and there are no defects in it. They shimmer in the light like a rainbow. This is how they differ from glass.

● The sound of Bohemian crystal is different. With even a small impact, it will ring. And the glass just clicks and that’s it.

Bohemian crystal will stay cool in your hand for quite a long time and will never heat up quickly.

● Bohemian crystal should be purchased in trusted stores with a good reputation bohemia cut crystal E-shop

Buying a chandelier, you think about how it will look in the interior and how to steal it. Bohemian crystal products will help you in this and preserve centuries-old traditions.

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