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Leading optical coating company

Anti-reflective lenses

Anti-reflective coating (also called “AR-coating” or “anti-reflective coating”) improves vision, reduces eye strain, and makes glasses extra attractive.These advantages are due to the ability of AR coating to almost eliminate light reflection on the front and back surfaces of spectacle lenses. When there is no reflection, more light passes through the lenses, which improves visual acuity and reduces distractions (especially at night), and the lenses appear almost invisible, which improves your appearance, drawing more attention to your eyes and promoting better “eye contact” with people …Anti reflective lenses are especially useful on high refractive index lenses that reflect more light than conventional plastic lenses. Generally, the higher the refractive index of the lens material, the more light is reflected from the lens surface.

Optical coating

Anti-reflective coatings (AR) are an important component of optical systems consisting of a large number of lenses or other optical components where the highest possible light energy is required. The main task of antireflection coatings is to increase the spectral range and reduce the residual reflection.The task of mirrored optical coatings is to create systems with maximum reflectance. Mirror coatings are divided into metal, metal-dielectric, and dielectric.Filtering coatings (interference filters) are designed to separate the required spectral range from the continuous radiation spectrum. Beam-splitting coatings are designed to separate the incident beam into reflected and transmitted ones with a given intensity ratio.Transmission of a quartz window with a conductive coating applied (the second side of the window is not covered). The resistivity of the film is 0.0016 Ohm * cm. ARO is the leading optical coating company in the industry at the moment and is glad to deliver the highest quality optics.

Focusing optics

Due to high energy efficiency, today ice elements are used more and more often as light sources for head optics for cars and other lamps. However, to reveal their 100% potential, special focusing optics is required. As a rule, lenses for LEDs are used for this. Consider what they are, what their purpose is, what their main types exist, what material is used for their manufacture, and also how to make them with your own hands.The principle of operation of lenses for flat and other forms of luminaires with LEDs is based on the natural law of nature about the refraction of light waves at the border of two different media. In this case, the matter concerns the material of the optics (glass, plastic) and air. Refraction of the luminous flux significantly depends on the shape of the line through which it passes. ARO manufacturers focusing optics for large trading companies, firms, as well as individuals, regardless of the required characteristics.

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