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Protect your child’s future with child custody attorney Loveland CO

By the law, both parents are responsible for the material maintenance of the child. In the case of divorce, if the family has a minor child, both parents have the right to decide on further guardianship. Modern legislation provides for four types of child custody:

  • Sole Physical Custody. This type of guardianship provides for one physical guardian, i.e. the child lives with one parent. However, the second parent is allowed to visit the child based on a court-approved visitation schedule.
  • Joint Physical Custody. This type of guardianship assumes that both parents are equally responsible for the upbringing and maintenance of the child. Joint physical guardianship provides for equal pastime between parents and their children.
  • Sole Legal Custody. Sole legal guardianship implies that only one parent has the right to make decisions regarding the child, namely his health, education, well-being, etc. While the courts are seeking to increase the number of joint guardianship, sole legal guardianship is becoming more common.
  • Joint Legal Custody. Joint legal guardianship implies that both parents have the right to make decisions about the child, namely his health, education, well-being, etc. It is the most favorable type of guardianship for minor children. However, not all parents can come to joint legal guardianship, as it involves cooperation, as well as the need for mutual compromises, which is often difficult.

Child visitation rights

In the modern world, it is quite difficult to legislate the rules for visiting a child. The law states that anyone with an interest in the well-being of children has the right to proper child visitation. However, what constitutes a “proper visit” is not established by law. In this regard, for the well-being of the children, parents must independently determine what is appropriate visitation in their case. And if you’re interested in the best possible future conditions for you and your child our professional strongly advise contacting a child custody attorney Loveland.

If your relationship is at an impasse, contact a professional divorce attorney

The services of lawyers in solving family issues have pronounced features since each family case is unique. First of all, it is necessary to resolve the critical aspects of the conflict, which will help minimize the costs of both parties. Given the fact that conflicts in family matters are based on disagreements over the division of property, a competent lawyer should do everything possible to resolve them without a trial. Of course, if it is not possible to find an option for such a solution, then procedural documents are prepared for going to court. So do not hesitate and contact a divorce attorney Loveland already today if you need any kind of consultation, or if you need a representative in court.

Family law professional attorneys in Loveland CO

You cannot know in advance when you will need the help of a competent family attorney Loveland. Law Offices of Loomis & Greene offers a prompt resolution of any conflicts in the pre-trial and judicial order. Experienced lawyers work for you — specialists with extensive experience — who are always ready to answer your questions. If you are in Loveland CO, then feel free to start calling the indicated numbers. For those who need services such as litigation in courts, legal advice, legal services, and others, the doors are always open here.

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